BringING 20 years of experience to your event

Professionals with the personal touch you're looking for

Don't trust your important event to Johnny down the street with his iPod! Our Executive Sounds DJs, have been providing Customized, Personal DJ and Emcee services to the Michigan area since 1991. Each of our DJs has their own specialties, and has been fully trained to provide our clients with an unrivalled experience, tailored specifically to each client's needs. With over 100,000 songs in our library, your event is guarenteed to have exactly the music you require, with personal, specific pre-event services. Our equipment is modern, pro and all digital. Our staff is professional, and dedicated to providing our clients with exactly what they're looking for. We have many package deals - and we work within nearly any budget! References and testimonials available.

DJ Package deals for any budget

Think you can't afford a Professional? Read and Think again!

Our Executive Sounds DJs know that money is tight for everyone these days. When planning your event, you certainly can think of a relative or friend who will provide the music for your event for cheap. It may seem like this is all you'll need, but remember: you get what you pay for, and if your event is a once in a lifetime date, you'll want someone you can count on, with the highest quality sounds and experienced, professional presentation. Whether you're planning a wedding, cabaret, private party, graduation event or the biggest New Year's Eve bash on the block, hire Executive Sounds. Prices start at just $250 for a four-hour package. For that you get extensive pre-event consulting, tailoring the music and presentation to you. Tasteful, but exciting lighting. A top notch sound system, and a DJ who we guarentee will exceed your expectations. Our 20+ years of experience means nothing will be left to chance. You tell us exactly what you need, and exactly what you don't need, and we bring it to you, with class. Our DJs have worked everything from fancy dinner parties to casual beach bashes, and are prepared for whatever you're seeking. We also offer more elaborate packages for your deluxe and extra-long events.